Ethiopian Air Booking: Helps You Fly To Any Destination Across The World!
24.04.2014 11:11

                             Ethiopian Air Booking | Image Resource : africaboundadventures.com

An airline that commenced its operations in 1946, more than a half century ago, has emerged to be one of the most popular airline of the Ethiopian territory. The flag carrier of Ethiopia, this airline has helped connected Ethiopia with major part of the world. Under its huge airline network, the airline covers several major countries like Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. These are only a few on the itinerary of the airline. There are many more in Africa, Asia and Europe and America. Go to the Ethiopian Air Booking page and get your tickets booked now to fly to any of these destinations.

The airline, for the comfort of its patrons, operates a user friendly online portal that makes booking tickets faster, safer and easier. Not only that, you can do much more with the online portal. There is space for planning your travel, checking flight status, checking availability of flights and tickets and giving your preference for the choice of services required. To your surprise, you may also now check-in for your flight, which is scheduled in the later part of the day, online itself. Get your Ethiopian Air booking done; it helps you fly to any destination across the world.

In addition to all these convenient services, the airline has also several code share agreements with airliners across the world. This would help you book onward journeys on flights of code share partners on the Ethiopian Air portal itself. What more? You get to earn reward points too! Then why miss? Get on board Ethiopian Air now!


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