Lufthansa Flight Status: Flight Updates That Save Time
19.02.2014 11:41

Lufthansa, Germany’s flag air carrier was founded in 1953. In the following year the airline commenced operations. The airlines is jointly owned by private investors who account for near 88% of the shares, MGL Gesellschaft fur Luftverkehrswerte owns about 10% and Deutsche Postbank (1.03%) and Deutsche Bank won about 1% and .4% respectively.  Its headquarters are located in Cologne in Germany and is Europe's largest airline carrying the maximum number of passengers.

Lufthansa Flight Status | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Lufthansa Flight Status is updated regularly. The airline’s operational hub is located at the famous Frankfurt Airport and its second operational hub is located at the busy Munich Airport. Connecting 203 places around the globe in six continents including 18 domestic destinations the airlines services many passengers. Along with other international carriers the airline covers 410 destinations. Being fourth in terms of passengers the airline owns more than 700 aircrafts which includes the ones owned by its subsidiaries.

The airline is an esteemed and one of the founding members of Star Alliance. Code share agreements with international carriers like Qatar Airways, JetBlue Airways, Air India, and TACA Airlines and others have enabled the airline to reach greater heights of success by ensuring that Lufthansa Flight Status is updated onsite to facilitate passengers. Its achievement reflects its dedication and assurance to passenger service and safety and quality. It has various airbuses and aircrafts that are extremely well maintained and its staff is always happy and ready to serve its many passengers.


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