Orchid Hotel Mumbai: Everyday is a Sunday!
25.02.2014 14:15

                                        Orchid Hotel Mumbai | Image resource : cdn-hotels.com


The Manchester of India Mumbai has in its paws the love of a whole nation. This city also adds to the progress of the nation in several ways. With a healthy inflow of tourist every year this place is always blessed with blossoming trade and tourism. The beauty of this city can be best explained by the classic services offered by the Orchid Hotel Mumbai. This hotel is considered to be one of the best across the country.

This resort is located at one of the prime locations in Mumbai granting ample access for passengers to explore the city. There has always been a special mention about the culinary facilities of this resort by the people who have stayed here as the food here is really delicious and available in a vast variety of blends to choose from. There are also arrangements made by the hotel for sight-seeing into the city. Rooms and suites of Orchid Hotel Mumbai bear a scent of unmatchable luxury and hospitality with their existence. Services ranging from the best yoga and spa instructors which indulge a person into a complete world of magical Trans to a world class Rosanni Ferreti Saloon inside the hotel premises ensuring luxury and services beyond measures.

There is also an equipped DVD library offering various movies to choose from apart from a baby-sitting service that will take care of the tiny tots. The mansion inside the hotel is a perfect venue for hosting parties or seminars as the atmosphere inside there and around the hotel resembles a fairy tale location!


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