Royal Jordanian Airlines Flights: Connectivity And Superb In-flight Service
21.03.2014 14:41

                         Royal Jordanian Airlines Flights | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org/

Royal Jordanian the official flag carrier of Jordan has its main head office in Amman, Jordan. Royal Jordanian Airlines Flights operates and schedules international flights covering various places spread over four continents. Its main hub is located at the Queen Alia International Airport at Jordan. The airline is also a member of both Oneworld Alliance and the Arab Air Carriers Organization. In fact Royal Jordanian was awarded "Airline Turnaround of the Year 2006" by Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation on 9 November 2006.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Flights schedules approximately 500 flights in a week. Out of these there are more than 110 flights that depart daily. The airline in order to meet the growing passenger requirements internationally has aimed at increasing its strength to about 38 aircrafts by 2017. The fleet will comprise of about nearly 6 Airbus A321s, 11 Boeing 787s, 8 Airbus A320s, 4 Airbus A319s, and 9 Embraer E-Jets.

The airline offers premium lounges at destination airports that offer passengers business, dining, and entertainment services. Additionally when you book Royal Jordanian flights there are host of in-flight entertainment services that passengers can avail of. A super range of blockbuster as well as classic movies, favorite TV shows depending on destination coverage, music stations, and books, journals and magazines that are available for reading. There are also movie trailers shown of the movies that are onboard. Besides that there is an On-Demand system which allows passengers to select and choose their preferences.


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