Web Check In Jet Airways Allows You To Select Your Preferred Seats
21.02.2014 11:56

                                     Web Check In Jet Airways | Image Resource: philip9876.com

There are luxury as well as budget airlines in India that offer a comfortable journey to the people. Jet Airways is one of the luxury airlines in the country that offers all possible luxuries and comforts to the customers. It is the choice of many customers who can afford the high cost of the tickets. Ticket booking in the airline is made in a number of ways for the convenience of the customers. Most of the people nowadays prefer online booking as it offers them the facility to book tickets sitting at home or the office. Web Check in Jet Airways is another facility that is offered to the passengers booking tickets online.

Earlier, people had to stand in long queues in front of the check-in counters and wait for their turn to check in at the airport. It was very tiring and time consuming. So Jet Airways introduced online check-in facility to save the customers from such discomforts. Online check-in is allowed only to those customers who have a valid and confirmed e-ticket. You have the option to select your preferred seats when you check in online.

After you check in online, you are advises to report at the airport 45 minutes before take off if you are traveling within the country and 1 hour before departure in case of international flights. Jet Privilege members earn points when they check in online. Web Check in Jet Airways is the easiest and most comfortable way to check in and saves a lot of precious time.


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